You’ve Got the Power!

Hello sunshine.

Every month, when you write a check to the electric company, you’re dependent on whatever energy source they rely on to power your neighborhood. Mostly, it’s pretty dirty, and not so environmentally friendly—a lot of coal and natural gas, with a little oil mixed in.

Wouldn’t it feel better get off the grid and use the renewable energy of the Southern California sun?

We make it easy!

top five reasons our customers love solar:

1. Eliminate the Bill.

No need to keep on eye on energy costs. The days of seasonally high utility bills due to summertime air conditioning or winter heat are gone. 

2. Endless Supply of Renewable Energy.

Solar panels are made to suit your needs. You define the amount of energy you need for lighting, appliances, electronics and whatever else you may need to plug in, and we’ll build a system for you. You can even charge your electric vehicle and go totally green!

3. Know Your Provider.

No need to deal with the big utility companies. It’s all you!

4. Pay it Forward.

It’s actually possible to produce enough energy to give back to the grid, providing back-up power to the electric company—and thus your neighbors—in case of neighborhood outages or overloads.

5. Solar Panel Ownership.

By owning your panels instead of leasing them, you’re eligible for tax rebates and PACE financing.

Want to know more?

Visit our Cali Green Solar website directly, call us at 800-894-0626, or click here to request a free quote.

Take a Look at Some Work We’ve Done


Doug Hodne on Manhattan Beach rooftop with Cali Green Solar

This is Doug Hodne. He’s our head installer here at Cali Green Solar. Doug has more than two decades experience as a roofer and more than a decade of experience installing solar panels.

Personable and precise, he won’t finish a job until customers are happy with their new solar energy and fully informed about how it works.

Having spent so many years on rooftops, Doug has seen more than his share of corners cut by roofers and solar installers in the name of getting the job done quickly—inadequate sealants, solar panels installed on aging rooftops, leaks due to holes drilled in the wrong place. That’s why he’s careful and exact in training his guys, and keeps a close eye on each and every job, making sure it’s done right the first time.

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