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At Cali Green Paint, we make it easy and affordable to color your home or business, while coming together to save the planet.

Our paints are eco-friendly and environmentally responsible, and our painters are precise and customer service oriented.

We feel our work, our core values and our focus on sustainable solutions speak volumes. But don’t take it from us. Find out why our customers tell us they’re so happy to have made the switch!

Top Six Reasons Our Customers Love Cali Green Paint:

1. Breathe healthy.

We don’t let fumes and chemicals invade the air you breathe. All of our interior paints are designed by Sherwin-Williams and Dunn-Edwards to be very low or no VOC.

What does VOC mean? Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are the smelly chemicals found in most paints. They are known carcinogens and can cause headaches, nausea, allergic skin reactions and asthma. 

2. Prevent mold and mildew.

New paint seals your property, preventing mold and mildew from getting in your walls, hurting your structure and your lungs.

3. Interior design comes standard.

Every client is treated to a meeting with Sadie at no extra cost. She’s ready to talk color, create inspiration boards drawing from photos of comparable properties, and get free paint samples so that you can compare color options right on your wall.

If there are spouses or business partners with different design aesthetics, Sadie can mediate and compromise, finding the right solution to make both parties happy with the final decision.

4. We get creative.

With an interior designer on staff, there’s always room to think outside the box. We’ve done ceiling color, stripes, pop walls. The only limit to how you want to recreate your space is your own imagination. 

5. With LIFE PAINT, there’s no need to ever paint again.

We’re trained and licenses dealers in LIFE PAINT, an exterior coating with a lifetime residential guarantee. LIFE PAINT makes it possible to never paint your home again. Unless, of course,  you want to. The color won’t peel or crack, so the only reason to paint again will be if you want a new color one day, not because your home looks raggedy.

6. It feels good to drive up to a beautiful building.

There’s no denying it. It feels good to look good. Whether painting a home or business, it’s just plain nice to arrive at a fresh, bright space.

Want to know more?

Visit our Cali Green Paint website directly to see our portfolio and series of blog posts, call us at 800-894-0626, or click here to request a free quote.

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