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Let’s be honest for a minute. Running a start-up is really, really hard work. It’s loooooong hours. It’s meager financial reward—a self-funded enterprise often takes upwards of three years to earn back the investment. It’s an insane amount of responsibility, working to make sure clients are happy and employees are given the means to be successful. And it’s very difficult to obtain funding, as most banks require two years of earnings before even considering extending debt, while it is in those first two years that an infusion of cash is most necessary.

And yet, it’s one of the most incredible experiences one will ever have. To be in charge of leading a vision, to jump and leave the safety net behind, to risk everything in order to chase a dream, is as exhilarating as it is terrifying.

A Company With Vision

Here at Cali Green Life, we have HUGE dreams.

We want to make it instinctual and affordable for every home and business to choose sustainable living. Why? Because our future, and the future of the planet depend on it. Because it’s what is right and just. Because we’ve been misusing resources since the industrial revolution, and it’s time to reverse the idea that a successful economy must be done at the expense of the environment. Because we love the earth.

What It Takes to Succeed

In order to get there, we need to: have amazing employees who get the vision and work with clients to get there; install a lot of turf, paint a lot of homes, install a lot of solar panels, and be open to opportunities to expand into additional green contracting; use the best green products available; set affordable pricing; understand financing and make it available for those who want to make a change but couldn’t otherwise afford to do so; advocate for the environment in front of government agencies and NGOs; be at the forefront of disseminating sustainable news and information; educate clients, employees and the community-at-large; communicate why we do what we do; plan and execute events where we can bring interested parties together; get out and act—host more beach cleanups, up cycle art projects, speak with social organizations; reach out across the aisle to those who don’t believe in climate change, and find ways to work together to protect the planet and its people; sustain a profitable business that will allow us to express that vision.

We are 100% dedicated to making this vision come to fruition.

However, it takes money to make the world spin. And we need more money to invest directly in the company.

Financial Situation and Needs

Today, we keep our installers busy and make money to pay for employees and overhead—our turf installs and paint deals are paying for operations to continue. Our pricing is fair; we offer price matches, and we absolutely refuse to gouge our customers.

But in order to take our business to the next level… in order to grow our messaging and put time into the events and education that will make our vision of a sustainable world possible, we need to raise funding from people like you—people who believe in our mission to make the world a better place.

That’s where Indiegogo comes in! We’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign with a modest goal of $10,000. That money would go directly into growing our business, and financing goals are outlined in the campaign to tell people where the money would go. And thanks to the flexibility of Indiegogo, you can support us for as little as $1. How awesome is that?! It’s support everyone can buy into!

We could go another route, and seek larger investment from people interested in buying a share of the company, but we don’t want to dilute the messaging, especially this early in the life of the startup. We have a solid vision of where this company needs to go, and to change it in any way toward higher profits for profits’  sake, or an eventual buyout, would undermine what we’re doing. Don’t get us wrong. We highly value partners, friends and businesses who offer support and advice, and we’re always looking to make connections and support and mentor others. We just don’t want to give up control of where the company is going.

What Support Buys You

Our undying gratitude.


But it will also get you something else. We’ve set up some awesome perks that will make your investment worthwhile, even beyond the satisfaction of supporting an amazing startup company.

You choose the level you can contribute, and you’ll find that there are some really cool ways for us to say thank you.

We have hats. We have shirts. We have dog bone turf mats. We have ways for you to sponsor a blog and choose the messaging. We have social media shootouts to tell all your friends how awesome you are.

We even have a 5–10% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on Cali Green Life services, starting at the $1,000 level. If you’re thinking of painting your home in the near future or installing turf, the contribution can pay for itself pretty quickly. It’s our way of welcoming you into the Cali Green Life family for… well, for life… and recognizing your investment for years to come.

Even at the virtual hug level, you can feel good knowing that you’re supporting a company dedicated to shared values.

Act Now on Indiegogo

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our campaign at Indiegogo and show your support. Choose a perk. Leave a comment. Share on your social media. There is no way we can make this $10,000 crowdfunding happen without your support!

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