Wow. What a Day!

We had a great time at our very first Cali Green Life Beach Cleanup this weekend! The skies were sunny and it felt amazing to get in a good walk from the office to the beach and back. As you can see in the pictures, we had a good range of ages—from toddlers through grandparents—helping out.

When we arrived, we told the kids, “Anything that nature didn’t create needs to be picked up.”

We handed out trash bags and gloves, and pointed to the boundaries they needed to stay within—from the beach to the bike path, and from the parking lot pathway to the second set of volleyball nets. Then we let them roam.

They loved it. One girl talked about how the last time she’d been to the beach, she’d created sand castles and dipped her toes in the water. As much fun as that was, she said she was even more excited about cleaning it up and helping the earth breathe clean. Picking up trash became a game as another used a stick to pick up seaweed and see what non-organic items she could find hiding beneath, waiting to be put in the right place.

We had a couple of young brothers who came dressed in Superman and Batman gear, ready to be heroes for a day.

By the end of our 45 minute power cleanup, we stuffed a full trash bin on the beach full of plastic bottles and bags and wrappers, and bunches of items that really don’t belong on the sand.

Even better, we connected with one another and the community in a way that doesn’t happen everyday in the office. Bicyclists riding by shouted, “Thank you, kids, for your action!”

Beach-goers expressed their thanks, and one family even asked for gloves and a trash bag so that once they finished sunbathing and castle-building, they could help out too. “We’re just sitting here, taking in the view, but you inspired us to do something too.”

That was the big takeaway from the weekend. Large group or small, young or old, when we get out and do something to stand by our mission of a more sustainable planet for all, we plant the seeds of action and hope in others. And when a community rallies together for a cause like protecting our Mama Earth, there’s no telling what we can do!

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