2016: Cali Green Life Year in Review

Looking Back and The Road Ahead

2016 was a banner year for Cali Green Life. We started the year off as a turf company, and ended it having added a flourishing paint company as well as solar panels and water filtration services.

We’ve experienced a lot of growth, as well as our fair share of setbacks along the way. But it’s never been about profit or growth for growth’s sake. We always have our eye on the reason we exist: to help people go green.

As we add to our suite of businesses, we always look for the highest quality environmentally friendly solutions to help you. And as a veteran owned and operated business, we have an eye on products that are American-made and a commitment to good old-fashioned quality and precision.

Cali Green Life is more than a business. It’s a movement toward a more sustainable future, with the sincere belief that the SOLUTION truly is in your hands. Because if we don’t step up to make a change, who will?

Take a look at a few of the highlights, and learn about what we’re looking forward to in the months ahead!

Looking Back


Saved More Than 7.6 Million Gallons of Water

We set a goal to save 8 million gallons of water in 2016 in an effort to conserve water, address the California drought, and help move people toward sustainability. It was an ambitiou goal for a turf company in our first full year of business, and we’re proud to say we made it to 95.2% of that goal. We’re even more proud to say that every single one of the 7,616,246 gallons of water will continue to be saved each and every year for the next 15 years.

That’s a total of more than 114 million gallons of water conserved, thanks to our customers who installed turf in 2016. Wow!

Grew From Cali Green Turf to Cali Green Life

Cali Green Turf was founded on the idea that we could solve the problem of the drought by taking real steps toward water conservation, starting right where we spend the most time—in our home and office.

But as we dove deeper into environmental stewardship and our responsibility to make wise choices for ourselves, our children, and generations of Californians to come, we realized water was only the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many steps we can take each and every day to curb climate change and reverse its harmful effects. We can conserve energy, invest in alternative and renewable energy, save water, choose products with fewer chemicals and reduce waste.

Each and every company in the Cali Green Life family is specifically designed to empower you to make a sustainable choice. Together, we can make a difference.

Here are the key driving environmental factors behind each of the Cali Green Life brands:

  • Cali Green Turf: Conserve Water
  • Cali Green Water: Reduce Plastic Waste
  • Cali Green Solar: Own Your Renewable Energy
  • Cali Green Paint: Reduce Carbon Footprint, Breathe Healthy

Expanded Office and Warehouse Space

In late 2015, we set up offices in downtown El Segundo, right on Grand Avenue, within clear view of the baseball field and the water tower. It was the perfect location, as our founder, Edi Santos, graduated from El Segundo High School and always loved the beachy hometown vibe. We’ve been welcomed with open arms, and are so happy to be here.

By summer, we added warehouse space to store our turf in the industrial area located just north of Chevron.

And as the year drew to a close, we were offered an opportunity to stay within our building at 431 E Grand Avenue, but move into the office space immediately next door. We jumped on it, and are now almost completely moved into the space, which is twice as large and before and offers plenty of space for our team to spread out, dream up new ideas and opportunities for Cali Green Life and meet with clients and potential partners.

First “Cali Green Life” Homes + Commercial Operations

With growth comes opportunity.

This year, we kicked off our commercial division, replacing a very large turf field at Vaughn charter school in the Valley, installing turf indoors in a gym, and put up a large rooftop turf patio.

Once we expanded business operations to include additional services beyond turf, we were able to offer clients Cali Green Life bundles, complete with bonus savings.

Our relationship with Vaughn school, recognized leaders in environmental construction choices, brought an opportunity to bid on their high school interior paint job, which we completed over winter break. Teamwork and a commitment to stellar service allowed us to get the job done ahead of schedule. We did a color match with existing color and used a VOC-free paint to keep the kids healthy.

We also completed two Cali Green Life homes in the fall: a solar and paint job in Northridge, and a paint and turf job in Torrance. These families were able to leverage financing options for eco-friendly home improvement to make an impact.

Developed Charitable Partnerships

We joined forces with Giveback Homes to ensure that a percentage of every dollar you spend on home or business improvement with us will go to build homes for those in need.

Giveback Homes work with local realtors and contractors to help local families as well as those in the developing world. We hope to join them for a build in 2017, either here in L.A. or on their annual trip to Nicaragua.

Built Business Relationships

If you know anyone in Cali Green Life, you know that we love to network and build connections. This year, we attended several BNI meetings, participated in local farmers markets and fairs, and joined the South Bay Business Development Center to connect with local businesses and support one another. We also found a mentor in Manhattan Beach Rotarian, Philanthropist and Business Owner Larry Johnson, and we couldn’t be happier with his insight, support and commitment to our sustainable mission.

Increased Online Presence

At the beginning of the year, we released the Cali Green Turf website to inform potential clients of the benefits of water conservation. We also shared the process of turf installation from start to finish with photos and stories on our Facebook page and videos on YouTube. We rejoiced as five-star reviews steadily rolled in Yelp, showing that our attention on customer service was paying off.

As the year progressed, we brought all of our marketing in-house. With that move, we were able to move much more quickly and keep our clients inspired and informed. We revamped the Cali Green Turf website and added a blog to delve into the benefits of artificial turf and water conservation.

As autumn rolled around, we kicked it up into high gear, building websites for Cali Green Paint and Cali Green Life, each with their own blog and project descriptions, and setting up the initial pages for Cali Green Water and Cali Green Solar.

We also increased our activity on Facebook, growing our Cali Green Turf following to more than 800 fans. We set up Cali Green Paint, Solar, Water and Life on Facebook.

Finally, we jumped into other social media with both feet. You can find us on Twitter at @caligreenlife, posting links to environmental news and sharing company news. We’re on Instagram as @cali.green.life, connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and small businesses and sharing rich imagery of life in the office and out on the field. And we’re on Pinterest as @caligreenlife, sharing photos and inspiration of design ideas.

Looking Ahead


Save 10 Million Gallons of Water

As we grow, we want to expand our impact! Even if this year brings much-needed rain, Southern California is not made for grass. It’s simply not sustainable in the long run to allot so many gallons of water to keeping grass green, when it’s so badly needed for agriculture, hydration and cleaning.

This year, we’ve set a goal to save an additional 10 million gallons of water. Combined with the turf we installed in 2016, that would save more than 17 million gallons for 2017!

How much is 10 million gallons?

  • Enough to fill the El Segundo Water Tower 50 times.
  • Enough for 172,414 people to drink for one year.
  • Enough for 370,370 loads of laundry.

Create a Showroom to Host Visitors and Events

We’re already more than halfway there! With the office move came more space to entertain visitors and present our products and services. We’ve painted the walls and built shelving for our turf samples. Now it’s just a matter of finalizing everything and opening the doors to the community at large.

The showroom will allow us to host clients and events on a regular basis, and to educate more people on the role we all play in finding sustainable solutions to better our world.

Look out for events and information sessions in the coming months. Got kids? So do we… our showroom is equipped with crayons and paper and a putting green and all sorts of fun for kids and kids-at-heart to keep themselves occupied.

Sustained Growth

We are looking ahead to another year of growth. Our commercial team is moving full steam ahead in turf and paint, and in the second and third quarters of the year, we’ll be expanding solar and paint operations.

What does this mean? In the coming months, you’ll start to see quantifiable goals to:

  • Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste
  • Convert from Fossil Fuels and Gas to Renewable Energy
  • Reduce Carbon Footprints

The more we grow, the larger impact we’ll have on the surrounding community, and in turn our planet. Growth means employing more great people who believe in the mission and vision of a sustainable future.

We’re in this for the long-run, so as we accomplish goals, we’ll keep on setting new ones.

More “Cali Green Life” Homes and Businesses

When a customer bundles two or more of our services, we call it a Cali Green Life job. Combining services is easy and affordable through automatic bundle discounts and no-money down financing options. Our goal this year is to help a minimum of 12 buildings go Cali Green Life.

The options are endless:

  • Turf and Paint
  • Water and Solar
  • Paint, Solar and Turf
  • Water, Turf and Paint
  • Solar, Turf, Paint and Water
  • …And the List Goes On.

Imagine the combined environmental impact of your Cali Green Life home or business!

Extend Charitable Partnerships

We look forward to a continued partnership with Giveback Homes, making your home improvement dollar go farther in the local community. At the same time, we have a goal to expand our charitable partnerships in the communities where we work. We’re in talks with some of the local Ed Foundations to make sure that when families invest in their homes, they’re also investing in education and local schools. And we always have our eyes and ears open to talk with charities that empower, motivate and encourage people to lead a green, healthy lifestyle.

Continue to Foster Business and Industry Relationships

Our mentorship will continue into the beginning of this year, and we hope to pay it forward and mentor others in turn. In addition, we look forward to continued networking in the local community and amid entrepreneurs and leaders in the world of “going green.”

Education and Certification

We’re studying up and working hard to ensure we are always using best practices in business, contracting and environmental leadership. Amongst other initiatives, we’re seeking a general contracting license, making plans to attend a Climate Change Reality Leadership Corps training this year, studying up on social media, seeking LEED training, submitting paperwork for official Veteran Owned and Minority Owned Business status.

Inspire Others

This is what it’s really all about. Cali Green Life is a movement. We want everyone to think long and hard about how they live, what they consume, the products they use. Our customers are our best brand ambassadors because they get it. They believe in the cause.

If you walk for an errand rather than drive, if you take reusable bags to the store, if you cut your energy consumption, if you visit our social media for inspirational photos or our blog to read a great story about people making a difference, if you talk with a friend or your spouse about how to save water, reduce waste or make smarter energy choices, then we’ve done our job.

Thank you for your part in our success in 2016, and cheers to making 2017 your best year yet!

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What are the accomplishments that you’re most proud of in 2016?
How can we help you this year?

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